Music Marvel™ Artist Development

Music Marvel Competition is more than a competition.

Our platform serves to identify serious gifted singer songwriters

As a Music Marvel Competition contestant, you are automatically eligible to participate in all the Music Marvel Artist Development services

We begin with a strong, online vocal competition combined with live performances

We serve to mentor and develop advancement of the emerging “marvels” of this generation and providing a gateway for a career in the music industry for these talented individuals.

Music Marvel Artist Development is truly for the future of music, as it is devoted to the preservation of the music industry and each singer songwriter.



Our Goal: To Collaborate

Music Marvel Artist Development and Consulting is individually tailored to each individual artist.

Our company appreciates the uniqueness of each singer/ songwriter, and we are here to tailor and support your customized brand as an artist

Our company is devoted and passionate about the preservation of the music industry and the uniqueness of each singer songwriter, and therefore we want you to stay in charge.

We understand the newest evolution music and the future of music, and we are here to dedicate ourselves to propel your career forward in music promotion, marketing, extensive national and international exposure with customized consulting expert team.

Our Goal: Your Success

 The road of an artist to become successful is extremely complex, and the music industry does not make it easy for new and aspiring singer songwriters.TO STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE

Music Marvel Artist Development and Consulting understands and embraces the rise of the new interplay between the digital era of music and social media.

Music Marvel Artist Development Consulting uses current technology and analytics that can monitor your road to success.

Our customized services are unique and provide a bridge for serious artists to advance into the new, technologic explosion of the music industry.

Our Goal: To Commitment

Music Marvel Artist Development and Consulting understands that one thing is certain; artists must do more than solely rely on their record sales as the basis of their success.

Consequently, artists are setting up more live performances, connecting with their fan base via social media, and utilizing multiple platforms and new strategies to leverage relationships to support their own success.

Music Marvel Artist Development embraces the independence of every singer songwriter in this new digital world who are stepping out by trying to manage their own advertising and sales strategies.             

Our company is devoted to you, the artist. We are here to collaborate, guide, and cultivate the newest “Marvels” of music to help them reach their ultimate success.