MUSIC MARVEL COMPETITION is part of the new digital direction for music, entertainment, and hospitality.

Digital technology is the universal language within the global music market and the milestone of digital streaming is now the new pulse of the music industry.

Our platform provides a fresh and unique approach of fun and engaging content, where social media fans from all over the world unite, interact, and vote for the most gifted and emerging singer/songwriters both nationally and internationally.

Covid-19 forced consumers to seek out new and engaging ways to socialize and pass the time.

This shift has not only altered media consumption, however, has permanently altered traditional commerce causing a complete restructure and inventiveness within our entertainment and hospitality industry.

Thanks to digital technology, MUSIC MARVEL COMPETITION™, has a strong social media presence and our exposure reaches into over 150 countries and regions.

This concept and platform provide an answer for not only for our up and coming gifted singer songwriters, however, it also provides a solution to support businesses who are seeking to adapt and progress in this the new digital revolution.

MUSIC MARVEL COMPETITION is well equipped to support the future health of our music and hospitality industry and aid in a new worldwide e-commerce infrastructure.

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